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Pyranha Jed


The Jed isn’t like the others; it’s longer than its competitors, which allows for a more fluid distribution of volume and comparatively slicy ends for easier trick initiation. Extra length also makes the Jed faster on a wave and smoother on end in a hole.

A unique ‘V-Chine’ in the hull at the stern frees up the back end for spins and edge transitions while surfing, and also adds to the dynamic speed on a wave. Smooth transition of volume to the core of the boat produces some incredible pop in a hole and the deceptively smooth lines over all give an obscenely fast and aggressive ride on any wave.

Over the past few years Pyranha has seen some amazing displays of freestyle talent from paddlers using the Jed, ranging from competition wins to new and exciting combo moves, but what we’re most proud of is the doors that the Jed has opened to everyone in Freestyle; from the Pro looking to push the boundaries of the sport to the beginner looking to hit their first vertical ends.

The Jed is our best and most proven freestyle design, and it’s not done yet!

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Specifications S M L
Length 175cm / 5′ 9″ 180cm / 5′ 11″ 186cm / 6′ 1″
Width 63cm / 24.7″ 65cm / 25.5″ 67cm / 26.5″
External Cockpit Length 86cm / 34″ 86cm / 34″ 86cm / 34″
External Cockpit Width 48cm / 18.7″ 48cm / 18.75″ 48cm / 18.7″
Volume 178lts / 47gals (US) 208lts / 55gals (US) 235lts / 62gals (US)
Weight 14kgs / 30lbs 14.5kgs/ 32lbs 15kgs / 33lbs
Optimum Paddler Weight 40 – 70kgs / 88 – 154lbs 55 – 90kgs / 121 – 198lbs 80 – 110kgs / 176 – 243lbs

Additional information

Kayak color

Yellow / White / Jaffa, Turquoise / White / Purple, Red / White / Grey

Kayak Size

S, M, L


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