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For over a decade, the Nomad set the benchmark to which all other creek boats have aspired. Updated and improved, the new Nomad is faster and larger, to suit the new generation of whitewater paddlers.

Up front, we added rocker to keep the bow on the surface. In the back, we reshaped the stern to carry more speed away from drops and holes.

As well as the new shape, you’ll find an extra safety attachment point, more knee room, and Contour Ergo outfitting.
The rock solid reliability of the original Nomad, updated, and now with three sizes to choose from.


  • Refined stern rocker and lifted bow rocker for staying on surface and maintaining speed through holes.
  • Increased bow deck volume for more foot room and predictable resurfacing.
  • Softened tail sidewalls and chine for more forgiving profile and improved manoeuvrability.
  • Additional safety /carry handle on the bow deck.
  • Contour Ergo outfitting has been streamlined to save weight while retaining comfort and safety.
  • True small, medium, and large kayak sizes.


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Specifications Nomad 8.2 S Nomad 8.6 M Nomad 9.0 L
LENGTH: 251 cm 259 cm 274 cm
WIDTH: 65 cm 66 cm 68 cm
DECK HEIGHT: 33 cm 37 cm 22 kg
WEIGHT: 20 kg 39 cm 23 kg

Additional information

Kayak Size

8.2, 8.6, 9.0

Kayak Color

Red, Lime, Aqua, Aurora, Blaze


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