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Dagger Dynamo


The Dagger Dynamo is a recreational kayak designed specifially for children. At just over two meters in length the dynamo is light and easily manageable while maintaining fantastic performance, letting younger paddlers make the most of their times on the water.

The Dynamo acts as the perfect platform for developing paddling skills, taking you from complete novice all the way to more moderate white water. The modern shape not only looks great, but is what makes the Dynamo so easy to paddle. A semi-planing hull with soft bevelled edges keep forward paddling easy but also allowing for edge control and good manoeuvrability.

The Dynamo comes with all the features you would expect to see in a river runner. Adjustable backrest, thigh blocks and adjustable keeper footrest all keep you comfortable while the front and rear carry handles make it easy to move on land.

From lakes and river paddling to sea and surf, the Dagger Dynamo offers a high perfoming fun kayak. The Dagger Dynamo is available in two outfittings, with the Pro offering improved outfitting and vacuum formed hull stiffener.

For budding young paddlers, the Dagger Dynamo has all the same performance of a standard river runner specifically designed for kids. A small boat with plenty of punch.


  • Designed for Smaller Paddlers
  • Thermoformed seat.
  • Adjustable keeper foot brace.
  • Ergonomic grab handles.
  • Legend adjustable backrest.
  • Mini-cell foam centre pillar buoyancy.
  • Anodized Security bar.


Length 2.24m
Weight 13kg
Capacity 65kg
Spraydeck Size N4

Additional information

Kayak Colors

Safron/Red, Purple/Safron, Lime/Aqua


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