Directional Team Building

Welcome to Our Total Experience Directional Team Building Page.

When it comes to Directional Team Building, our team can work with your in-house team to create the perfect Team Building Experience.

When it comes to team development we appreciate the complexity of each companys needs. Your company culture and ethos is something you have developed over the years.

We have extensive experience in creating bespoke team building exercises and activities to your specifications to meet your requirements.

Over the year’s we have tailored packages to meet the requirements of companies of different sizes.

We have catered for Google, Kerry group, Facebook, Paddy Power to name a few. Each company has its own unique identity and needs. We integrate the latest in Corporate Team Building Exercises with each company identity to make each learning experience, one which is remembered long afterwards.

Our facilitators meet and discuss your requirements and create a plan for your approval.
We discuss your goals and define what you want your teams to get out of the experience.

Some of our experiences have been based on enhancing team communication, building team morale, building team bonds, developing an understanding of the diversity of communication and creating an appreciation for that diversity.

Whatever your particular requirements are, we can identify and address them to make your experience, the perfect corporate team building experience.

Not only can we work with your in-house team, but we have worked with third parties that you already have a relationship with if that guarantees a successful experience for your team.

Our aim is to develop a relationship with each of our clients. That way we will be a fit for ongoing training, already knowing and understanding the inner workings of your company.
This in itself can help in thinking outside the box and viewing the training from outside that environment and bringing best in class corporate team building exercises to your company.

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