Archery By Total Experience

Total Experience hold Archery sessions in a number of locations around Wicklow and Dublin.
We Provide:
  • Archery targets
  • Training And Supervision
To A Number Of Hotels, Sports Grounds and Events Nationwide

If you think about it, archery is definitely a different type of sport.  Its challenging for you personally but then there’s the challenge against others.  It also has that medieval element to it that people find intriguing.

For traditionalists, archery is a say to get back in history to the “Robin Hood” era.  Its more than a sport, its a skill.  Theres no guns or noise.  Its back to the basics with a bow and arrow.  But the challenge is still there.

The fact that there isnt a high level of fitness required to take part is something that attracts all ages.  Physical strength wont give you an advantage at this sport.