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  • Dagger Axiom

    Downriver freestyle…with an edge Splat, surf, squirt…the Axiom does it all. A stable river-running kayak with seamless edging and a craving for play, the Axiom is comfortable on steep creeks, big water waves, and everything in between. The 9.0 has the volume and foot space for larger paddlers, but still throws down like its smaller brothers. Winner of the 2011 Canoe & Kayak UK Whitewater Kayak of the Year FEATURES
    • Contour Ergo Outfitting
    • Ratchet Adjustable Backband
    • Roto Molded Seating with Leg Lifter
    • Welded-In Seat Track
    • ConTour Adjustable Bulkhead Foot Brace with Foam Padding
    • Precision Adjustable Thigh Braces
    • Multi-Adjustable, ConTour Hip Pads
    • Security Grab Handles
  • The Axiom lives for tail squirts, tight eddies and tearing up the waves that shorter boats simply float past. Also a great learning platform, the Axiom will serve beginners and experts alike with a healthy portion of fun.
    The Axiom 9.0 Action is the perfect learning platform for paddlers weighing 82-130 kg. Featuring a comfortable padded fixed seat and full plate footrest.
    • Fixed ergonomic seat
    • Fixed thighbraces
    • Adjustable backband
    • Bulkhead footbrace system
  • A classic river kayak; stable and forgiving. The GTX's fast planing hull will surf all day long, and makes for a dry ride through the even the messiest eddylines. A padded seat and full plate footrest make this a perfect first whitewater kayak, with excellent safety features and ergonomic outfitting. FEATURES:
    • Fixed ergonomic seat
    • Fixed thighbraces
    • Adjustable backband
    • Security grab handles
    • Bulkhead footbrace system
  • Dagger MX

    Not your average playboat Dagger brings decades of experience and team-tested, paddler-proven heritage to freestyle kayaking in the Jitsu Series. The Jitsu's unique rocker profile, hull to rail relationship through the stern, carefully distributed The Dagger MX is simply the original Mamba rebadged. The guys & gals at Dagger have decided this design isn't ready to be put out to pasture just yet & we completely agree with them. The older style Mamba (pre 2012) is much loved in the paddling community and with good reason. It has an excellent all-round design for river running that will handle whatever the river throws in its path. A planing hull with soft rails helps control direction, with volume located to provide support down drops or across eddylines. The MX features Dagger's action outfitting meaning you get performance and comfort at an affordable price.
  • Given a chance, we'd paddle whitewater every day. But life doesn't always throw us what we want. That's why we've introduced the river trek category with the Ethos-RiverCruise, to take you from one adrenaline-fuelled adventure to the next. Conquer a rapid, ride a wave train and cruise on down the river in search of more. When you need to cover some ground, carry all the kit and still have fun, why compromise? The Ethos-RC is a stable, forgiving, performance-minded crossover platform that offers a confidence-building introduction to paddling in up to class III whitewater. The hull is manoeuvrable in rapids, yet tracks well on flat water with the help of a drop down skeg system. The Ethos-RC offers outstanding comfort on long multi-day river treks due to the roomy cockpit, sizeable gear-storage space and Wave Sport's trusty black outfitting system. Arched bow and stern soft grip security handles provide an ergonomic fit for comfortable carrying (even in cold weather) without underlying scoop-outs to hinder water shedding. These handles sit high on the deck for greater accessibility in a rescue situation. Another key feature includes a drain plug positioned near the cockpit for quick, easy draining – even while carrying. Grip zones behind the cockpit make pushing out of the boat easy, while the very distinctive, high buff polish with a matte texture finish maintains a stylish look. Both seasoned paddlers and beginners who seek to explore varying environments with one comfortable boat will enjoy the Ethos-RiverCruiser's confidence-building features in up to class III rapids. Paddlers will find the Ethos easy to roll and will enjoy the large, comfortable cockpit with ample storage space - perfect on long days or multi-day river treks.